CNBC Sports Biz and Jim Rome on Showtime contributor Erin Sharoni hosted a Spreecast today Neuroscientist & Brain Researcher Dr. Daniel Amen.  

Recently, Amen released a study with groundbreaking findings showing that the brain damage suffered by NFL players (and subsequently, by anyone) is actually reversible.  

While it’s unlikely that the League or the PA’s respective medical staffs have reviewed the study, and it doesn’t sound like it’s been peer reviewed yet either, it didn’t stop Amens from taking a hard stance against the League and the Commissioner:

"I would make the NFL a brain-healthy organization, i would own the problem. I heard [Commissioner Roger Goodell] say recently, ‘well, we really don’t know’ and he needs to stop that, because we really do know that this is a brain damaging sport. So, stop with the denial, or the avoidance, and start rehabilitating these players on an ongoing basis…"

"The other thing i do, and probably the lawsuits will force [the NFL] to do it, is go find all of the people who’ve played, all the people who’ve built the NFL, the retired players, and start getting them evaluated and rehabilitated. It’s the only fair thing to do."  

Among the other discoveries and opinions disclosed related to the NFL and its players:

"Anthony Davis, hall of fame running back from USC, came to see me, and at 54, his brain looked like it was 85. And it was bad for 85."

"We now have 135 [NFL] players, and published the largest brain imaging study ever done on these guys and found, compared to a healthy group, there are *severe* levels of brain damage in over 90% of them."

At the very least it keeps the conversation moving forward - something that is best for all parties. You can see the full interview here.