Having spent three days in the Big Easy, I had first-hand evidence of the fact that Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees is undoubtedly the mayor of that town and will be the King of Carnival 100’s of years from now.

With all the madness that is Super Bowl week, any company lucky enough to have a guy of his stature in that town this week should consider themselves, not lucky, but savy.

And lucky for me, that company happens to be Tide, which is part of the P&G family and the Fan-Cestry campaign we’ve been promoting all season.

Here is Brees doing some media and holding up a jersey from a commercial (the kid hasn’t washed that jersey because of the memories that it holds).

Tide’s Super Bowl ad this year features a “stain worth keeping” and will air in the 4th quarter tomorrow.

On January 21st Tide released the Stain Savers infomercial video as a teaser to its upcoming Super Bowl ad. “Tide Stain Savers” are nifty little patches that protect these memorable stains from being cleaned away in the wash. The full version of the Stain Savers infomercial can be found here. There’s also a testimonial for Stain Savers here.

Another thing I learned in the Big Easy: a stain ‘Nawlins residents truly would NOT want to save…the good commissioner.  But that’s neither here not there.

It’s still not to late to sign up and show your fandom at